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In this day and age where we are constantly on the run and sometimes overwhelmed by life's circumstances, we desire to have that human interaction and depth in our lives. Through our ministries at Mount Wolf Community church we desire to offer you a place of safety and love as we learn about God together.


Check out some of our great ministries listed below and most importantly, get plugged in! When we continue to plug ourselves into ministry, we learn what growth in Christ is all about.

Children's Ministry

Ladies Ministry

Ladies, do you ever wish to be a part of a group where you are able to bond with other women? Come check out our Ladies Ministry where we focus on becoming stronger in Christ through God honoring relationships and our service to our community and family.

Do you have kids that are always looking for ways to have some fun? Well here at Mount Wolf Community we focus on providing a safe and fun atmosphere while learning more about God and God's gift to all of us. Bring your kids and enjoy a fun and safe place to learn more about God.

Taking a Picture

Men's Ministry

Old Friends

As men we strive to have significance in our lives and here at Mount Wolf Community we want to focus on digging deeper into the Word of God to continue to make our purpose as men to be God's purpose for us. Find out more and join us as we serve our God, families, and communities.


We consider prayer to be the most vital ministry we share. We pray about everything and are ready to share the burden of others in prayer to our Heavenly Father. Yes, we still have a Wednesday Night Prayer Service [6:15 PM], but we also conduct a Phone Prayer Chain, an email Prayer List with daily updates, and our Together Around The Throne, which is part of our Sunday Morning Worship experience. People share their burdens and WE take them to the Throne of Grace.

We believe in this: When we work, we work; when we pray, God works.”

Praying Together
Be Inspired
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