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Being "In the way" - in a good way!

I was reading in Genesis and was really in to the story of Abraham sending his trusted friend and servant to find a wife for Isaac [Chp. 24] Now you may be thinking, "What? The man is almost 40, can't he get his own woman?" But we are not getting the culture. Arranged marriages were, THE WAY ITS DONE, and the research required protected both parties.

But I am not writing to debate the merits of this method. I just wanted to speak about the faith displayed by the man (I think his name was Eliezer; Gen.15:2). Abraham had given him a big job and this did not fit his "regular" job requirements!

He makes this long trip, puts out a bold request to God and moves on that request! That is what he means when he says in Gen. 24:27, "I being in the way, the LORD led me to the house of my master's brethren." Faith requires action for it to be Biblical Faith. Eliezer believed in the Character of God and that God always keeps

His word, so he asked for help and acted upon his request.

Therefore I say to you, 'Are you in the way?" Are you willing to express your faith by your actions? James put it this way, "Even so faith, if it has not works, is dead, being alone." James 2:17

Please, get in the way!

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