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In the most unlikely places

This is what I found growing in one of my office windows. I don't know how or why - but there it was. I know it is a weed of some sort; the kind I have pulled out of my flower beds many times.

It reminds me that what Father wants to happen, will happen. Over the Christmas Season I have had this challenge of Faith placed before me over and over: Father provided a replacement for our treasurer - Father provided a buyer for our home - Father provided a home for us to buy less than 3 tenths of a mile from the church! Father reveals that someone I love very much is in deep spiritual crisis. All these things were and are beyond my ability to control or make happen but MY FATHER PLANNED IT ALL. Acts 15:18 Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world. 

The last thing I mentioned is the one matter I wish I could change of control, but I can't. As I thought about how much I loved this one, the Holy Spirit reminded me of the sub-heading we have placed on our Together Around The Throne list: :That prayer be made for all men. 1 Timothy 2:1 "No person on earth is outside the influence of believing prayer." - W. Wiersbe

Perhaps you are facing something you finally realized is outside of your control. I encourage you to go back to where you should have started - pray, believing in Father's Character and the Content of His Word (what He promised to do).

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