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"No assembly required" - "Instant results- just add water"

A few years ago, I added to my tools this little baby! It seemed that I was required by those I sought to help, to have a quick solution to whatever problem they brought to my office. Their difficulty had been carefully constructed (sometimes on a daily basis) for many years. It had reached critical mass and was just about to explode or implode (I am not sure which is more horrific) and NOW they wanted the Pastor to FIX IT!

That's when I decided I needed this gem of a tool! I would just whip it out, wave it over their heads and (by the way, it HAS FLASHING LIGHTS!) the problem would disappear, like magic!

Perhaps you are sensing a bit of sarcasm. Paul warned me not to get too lippy, "The Servant of the Lord must not strive; but be gentle meekness instructing those that opposed themselves...."

2 Timothy 2:24-25

SO I will get to the point: Everything is a process. Peter said to, "Grow in Grace and the Knowledge of our Lord and Savior." 2 Peter 3:18. Paul said to, "Study to show yourself approved unto God" 2 Tim.2:15

If you want change then you must

1. Yield to Father's Will.

2. Believe the Truth

3. Trust in His Plan

God can do anything but as my Dad use to say, "It is first Crisis, then Continuation"

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